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Meet Bonyo Buogha.Go-giver. Entrepreneur. Dreamer. Believer. Thinker. Writer. Son of The Almighty

You can follow buogha on Twitter:@buogha Nairobi, Kenya or learn more through his websites: http://fikirazangu.blogspot.com
1. What kind of reader are you?
Not sure I’m a “kind”; can I say avid moody? 🙂
2. What are you currently reading?
One Day – D. Nicholls / Warrior of the Light – P. Coelho / Atlas Shrugged – A. Rand

3. What books am I likely to find in your bookshelf?
Biography / Philosophy / Business / Spiritual

4. Who is your favourite author?
Harry Bingham / David Baldacci / Ayn Rand / Myself / Branson

5. Which authors/books would you highly recommend?
All the above

6.Do you buy books or borrow? If you buy..where…if you borrow…who…?I buy books, that works best for me. I buy at Booksfirst, Bookpoint, and that joint opposite GPO (keep forgetting the name but I like)

When I want African/Kenyan context books (e.g recently purchased “The Luo”, I go to Nairobi Uni bookshop, it is well stocked with those.


Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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