A light at the end of the tunnel……

Written by Caroline Nyaboke Chencha

It is like the lights went off and went off for good
Doctor said Emma, you can never see again
and I thought to myself ‘I don’t want to live another day’
how will I eat, how will I walk
how will I get married?
Is there any hope left for me?

Solomon the wise put it that friends are born for adversity
If it wasn’t for a close friend, I would have never met Njeri,
The ANDY swimming coach
something within me knew I could swim
so day by day I got the strength to live
I was taught to swim and with dedication and inner conviction together with opportunity,
I got the wings to fly

slowly by slowly I became the best swimmer
slowly by slowly I gained confidence
slowly by slowly I got off the life of dependence

I began to seize the opportunities that lay before me
Enrolled for entrepreneurial training
drafted a business plan and got approved to receive a loan
and the rest is a dream…
A light at the end of the tunnel

It is a Saturday afternoon
my three children are playing around the house
Am catching up on business news on Telly,
my phone rings ‘Hello Emma, are you able to deliver the supplies in a week?’
“of course I can”, i reply
My husband comes in, hugs me and briefs me on the progress made by the salons
“I passed by the salons, the workers are doing brilliant work, it puzzles me how you motivate them”
I chuckle, ‘because I can’

Yes there is a light at the end of the tunnel
because I can dare to dream!

A prose detailing a journey of one participant benefiting from ANDY`s Sports for Health Projec

Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

3 thoughts on “A light at the end of the tunnel……”

  1. The only disability i have ever witnessed is a bad attitude!!Otherwise,each one of us has a different type of ability that needs to be appreciated and supported to the fullest!!

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