When They See Me….

Written by Caroline Nyaboke Chencha

When they see me..


Some of them cry, some of them turn their heads away from me

Not wanting to see the pitiful sight that is me

Some of them throw me out of their shops

While other draw up their car windows in the streets

Thinking that I am a beggar

Out to con them out of their money or beg



When they see me

Some of them cringe

Not wanting to fathom the pain of forever walking on crutches

Forever needing a guide, forever needing a sign language interpreter

I observe the pain in their eyes, the shame they feel and the guilt of their inability to give



When I see them

I see fallacies, misconceptions, and unwillingness to learn

I do not want a pity party

I may be in tattered cloths, hungry and I may not have three meals today

But I have a will power, capacity to learn, sustain myself



When you see me

Teach me how to fish, uplift me with the means of earning a living

Guilt, shame, pity

All these things do not change a thing

Everyday you will look at me, and I will look at you

And all I will ever see is glimmering hope that soon dies out

As soon as you pass me by

The coin you dropped is like a blowing wind

Like bathing water that can only be used once




Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

2 thoughts on “When They See Me….”

  1. Yes,they just draw up their old car window when i pass them,thinking i am looking for that old shilling they got as change at the shopping mall;while i was on my way to the parking lot,to get into my state-of-the art limo!

    I am sick and tired of their pity while i am the one who should be extending my helping hand to some of them,who went without three meals yesterday and here they think i am the one who should be helped.It is not that lacking is a crime,i am talking about the blanket mentality that any person who is differently-abled is an object of charity,this is what i am against.

    I heard that verse,that we are all created in God`s image,then why does it surprise you to see my image this way?Why do the preacher always use me as a sign of his/her prowess to healing? Does it mean that there is something wrong with me?

    I only expected to find solace in the worship place,but on reaching there;the usher told me,”Wagonjwa”wanakaa mbele Pastor Awaombee!! (the sick are supposed to sit in the front for the preacher to pray for them!!)

    It has made me think twice before going to church,i am taken as a non-believer every time i leave church without receiving my healing miracle!!

    Next you ask me if you went to church,be very careful;you will be reminding me of the discrimination that is at the holy house we all say it is!!!!

  2. Fred…This is a powerful and different way of looking at the experience.PS.I think this can be a full-fledged story/article, there is a lot of heart and passion in it that has to be harnessed to benefit not just ignorant souls out here but the general Kenyan population.

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