Give me, please give me.

Written by Anne Muturi 

Give me, please give me,
If I don’t get that money, my mother will die
Give me, please give me,
I will be thrown out of my home tomorrow
Give me, please give me,
My uncle died and we need money for the hospital bill
Give me, please give me
My children haven’t eaten for two days
Give me, please give me
My brother was arrested yesterday and the police want 20000
Give me, please give me
I want to get married in August
Give me, please give me
My sister’s child has a festering wound

Make me understand why we are a nation of give me, give me
Who can I blame, who can I pound my fist at?
Is it culture, do we feel no shame in begging, are lazy and don’t want to work or study?
Is it God who hasn’t provided; who is making us suffer so that we can be purer in his sight?
Is it the Government? Our President hasn’t provided enough jobs and the proper environment for business and health.
Are we tired, have we struggled for too long and it’s easier to beg than look for solution?
Who can I blame? I want to blame somebody really badly.
Is it the weather? Is it too hot to be productive enough to sustain us?
Who can I blame damn it! doesn’t anybody know?
Are we over populated and our resources cannot contain us?
Are we too kind?
Or is it because the government again has not provided any social security?
If we all had some land, we would not need. Is that true? Is luck of land the problem?
Make me understand. Make me understand.

Here, take this
Go buy yourself a nice lunch
Here, take this
This round is on me. Let’s drink till dawn tomorrow.
Here, take this
Rice, Jogoo, sugar, tea leaves, Blueband and bread to your aunt
Here, take this
Pilau to your uncle for his party tomorrow
Here, take this
Letter to the manager of divine limited, he will give you a job.
Here, take this
It’s a dress and some shoes from your aunt in the States
Here, take this
You are family.


Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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