Written by Anne Muturi 

Infatuated again
The situation gains my contempt
When I am around her, I attempt but can’t speak
My brain is locked in reverence and words don’t squeak through.

I love her pride.
I love her side of things
I love the way her legs swing and stretch
I love every ounce of her soft butch, soft with lip gloss

I love her fair skin
I love her fine short crop
She stopped and turned my way
And I almost swayed at the softness in her eyes when she smiled.

It will pass in silence
Like all the rest since I don’t know when
And then I will wish it was different and I could’ve made my case
I curse the silence because it is not fair that I will never feel her hand in mine.


Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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