Look Inside

Written by Anne Muturi

The work is all that matters
Don’t be a lawyer because you like ‘The practice’
Don’t be a doctor because you are moved by ‘ER’
Don’t be a runner because you like watching Flo Jo.
Don’t be a talk show host because you admire Oprah or Ellen
Don’t be a banker because your father is a banker
Don’t teach because they said it is noble.
Don’t deal cars because ‘Top Gear’ is hilarious in a macho kind of way.
Don’t be an Engineer because it’s prestigious
Don’t write to be famous
Don’t dance to be watched
Don’t write programs because it’s funky
Don’t build houses to make money
Don’t run for president so that you can be called “Sir” or “Madam”
Don’t start a business so that you can be like Mr. D Trump.

The work is all that matters.
Dance to feel the music stretch you body
Write to make words sing
Run to feel the world moving beneath your feet
Become a talk show host to connect with people
Build houses to show the grandeur of men
Write programs because logic is music in mathematics
Become a banker because you want to know how money moves
If you want to mold the earth into machines study Engineering
Run for president when you have a consuming vision of what this country can be
Teach so that you can keep learning
Deal cars if the growl of a car sends tremors up your spine.
If you want to know why I have three rows of eye lashes, study medicine.
Start a business because you sold cookies and lemonade when you were five.
Become a lawyer if fairness is your first commandment.

The work is all that matters
Fifty pages of preliminaries consumes your justice driven heart
The ache in your muscles is just another drum beat that makes you smile
Vague user requirements are a puzzle to be solved logically
A deadly virus is a clue as to how our bodies work.
Marking term papers is entertaining and educative
Washing the car is like foreplay
When your lungs ache for breath, you feel more alive
You write even when you have nothing to say
A No is just the beginning towards a Yes.
All the lies people shout about you are a far away whisper
The long hours just make you feel more in the heart of money
A problem gets your adrenalin flowing especially if someone calls it impossible
When the lights go off, it’s an opportunity to know what people say in the dark.
You find a way to build on sand.

The work is all that matters when choosing how you spend your life.

Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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