Review of Muthoni wa Gichuru’s Breaking the Silence

Written by Faith Oneya

A friend promised that I would read this book “In a sitting”. 

Later when I found myself at the salon waiting for my hair doctor, this theory was proved true.

So what it is that makes Muthoni’s book readable in a sitting, you ask. First, the book is only 14000 words, has pictures in it and is written in the friendliest imaginable font. I shall Google for the name of this font. Must use it on the blog 😉 Second, the language is so sincere, and thirdly the story’s theme, even though it could have been pulled straight from the monthly Parents magazine or a random weekend pullout from the Standard Newspaper, still manages to maintain a fresh appeal.

The story is told in first person by the protagonist Wanjiku. Essentially, it is the story of rape. The victim tells her story so charmingly and sincerely that it would be difficult not be sympathize with her plight or to be won over by her gentle sense of humour despite being gang-raped.

The apt description of the emotional rollercoaster that Wanjiku and her family go through and the court intrigues and  the use of short, simple and well-crafted sentences coupled with interesting dialogue  leaves little doubt in the mind of the reader why this book was the first runners-up for the Jomo Kenyatta Literature prize for Africa, youth category- English 2011.

The book can be found in some stores like Textbook centre and Bookpoint.  If you cannot find the  book in the bookshops, please  call the following numbers:
0722924 998- The author
0722688 058 – Ask for Joseph Kamau
0733275 876 – Ask for Maryrose Gichuru
or email

Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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