Meet the Cast of DEATH AND THE ESTATE (First Show Dec 9th 2011,6.30pm KNT )

Written by Faith Oneya 

MARY OTIENO; A talented actress that has been featured in local TV series and Movies including SAINTS, SIRI, THE TUSLE, KILLER NECKLACE. A gifted actress who is fluent in portraying characters with ease and charm. She joins the Cast as MARGARET in DEATH AND THE ESTATE – A tough lady who will do anything to succeed.

PAULINE MUKIRI a gifted actress and aspiring media personality. She has been featured on local movies and TV series. She is currently studying media and on attachment at ONE FM, where she also writes entertainment stories for their website.
She joins the cast as KATE – a sexy housemaid with ill intentions that every man wants to have.

KEVIN YEGON – is a brilliant actor who has been on the scene for a while. He is also part of Phoenix players and has been in numerous stage play productions such as enemy of the people and river between. He has also done a movie called ‘captain of nakara’ and he is featured in MALI tv series on NTV. He joins the cast as EBENEZER – a wealthy but immoral business man.

MAUREEN MUTHEU -She has recently returned from Germany with an insatiable urge to realise her dream of establishing herself in the local thriving and exciting theatre and film industry. Having relocated six years ago to Berlin, Maureen has joined us and is set to take the stage as `Mary´ – a spoilt girl who fights for her late father’s property.

CHECKMATE MIDO – an accomplished rapper, poet and spoken word artist – Mido has performed in numerous concerts. He was also featured in our last production MAYOR’S DIARY – He plays Spencer, a corrupt lawyer who wants to rip off  his client – will he manage to do that?


Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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