Poem:I Carry

Written by Raya Wambui

I carry you around with me,

even when I’m on bended knee.

Though you wouldn’t lift a finger,

When in anguish my chest heaves.

I carry you around,

as though I think you carry me.

Like the rope between us,

Crosses mountains, Follows streams.


Na ku beba moyoni.

Venye tuli achana,

kwangu ni ka jana,

kwako? Zamani.


I carry you around,

like your the only one I need.

Like the air has never lifted me,

though without you I Can breath.


I carry you, above me,

like a crown, of thorns, for all to see.

As though you never turned on me,

Grew horns, and rammed through me.


I carry you, with pride.

With shame.

In whispers, and in songs unnamed.

I carry you inside,

just like a friendly,

piercing, blade.


One day, I’ll carry you, lightly.

With a gentle smile, that fades.

How I crave that time inside,

and day by day, I weave that braid.




Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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