The subject of 4-giveness

Written By Gloria Mwaniga


Instead of fine art,
I wish you’d have taught me the art of 4-giveness,
And in place of math,
Just seventy by seven

In science you’d have shown me the part of the brain
Where bad memories are dumped

And with their history buried,
Then I’d have no room
For its biology,for it isn’t a living thing

Maybe home science would have made me wash away the pain
And perhaps mend fences

And in CRE I would learn that we are one in Christ

For me and him have this chemistry,
We are bound by a covalent bond,

And  it isn’t  about my physiques!

For I am crafted by his expert hand,
And I am more of a masterpiece of art,
Than Davinchi’s Mona Lisa! (Pause…) smile

You taught me that,
music alone shall live,
he died for me,
so i have everlasting life,
and so i shall live,
for i have received,
his forgiveness.


Author: Gloria Mwaniga Minage

Phenomenal woman. that's me

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