Written by Margaret Muthee

Sickening how they stop and stare
Glaring at those who dare…
Those who dare speak the language of their heart
Never denying those to whom we are part
They dance to the rhythm of their souls…

Sickening how they dine and wine
While others wallow in pain
Wailing is how they unwind
Are they children of a lesser king?

Sickening how ruthlessly they take
Pieces of cake they did not bake
These chains we have to break..
Break! Break! Break!

Sickening how they flash their flesh
See how they dress in a bid to impress
On streets with young and old
Someone please tell them it’s a mistake
For they should indeed be fragrance fresh!

So what shall we do about all the sickening?
For am tired of being the one who chickens in
Am so sick of all I see
How shall we heal the disease?
The world is so sick!
Would someone please speak!

Heal the wound first
For we are all sick
Don’t be the one to down cast
See- I see light!
For when all wounds are healed
My quest is fulfilled
The world will be free from all the sick-en-ing!


Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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