home is not,

the big cold house,

I sit in during the  long weekends

it is  not,

the cold mahogany bed,

where I have nursed all the heartbreaks in my life,

it is not,

the million dollar white picket place,

I plan to own sooner than later,

home isn’t this things to me.


Home is,

Where my heart finds unexplainable joy,

it is where there is no fear of judgement,

no matter what I do,

it is where I can be myself ,

and not care what the world thinks,

it is where I can afford to love,

and not expect someone to pay the price of loving me back,

it is where i can give,give and give some more,


it is when I am interlocked,

in His powerful embrace,

and I try not to hide my vulnerability..

it is when I am free to love,

and not afraid of Hurt,

it is where I heed to his call and stand,

unashamedly so,

Home is,

to me

The place of Surrender.


Author: Gloria Mwaniga Minage

Phenomenal woman. that's me

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