Poem: Memories Sour Sweet

Written by Margaret Muthee

How do I erase,
The memory of you..Me..Us
From my mind?

My mind you see…
Has many pictures…
Black…white…even coloured.
Memories still fresh, like morning dew
On water lilies…they linger!

Still remember the walk, talk, handshake…
Your scent…most of all,
Your dream!

See, living in an underground mansion,
Surrounded by shanties,
Wouldn’t be my kind of dream…sorry!

‘Humble’, wouldn’t describe you!
Yet I see this other you,
I am so clinging to…
Hate letting go…
The you so charming, caring…
Did I just say caring?
You try not to show,
The you I yearn to embrace!

And so as the clock ticks,
Watching you change,

Makes me wonder
could you be the dream…my dream?


Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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