Short Story: My Christmas Gift Unwrapped

Written by Mukorino Precious 

I think of you. I see your lips…..your eyes, the shape of your jaw.I don’t know how it feels to be held in your arms, but what I really want, what I really need is for you to wrap your arms around me…..and not let go.  I so want to finally feel the tenderness of your lips on mine for the first time, ever.Months of longing for you has only served to deepen my desire to know what it would feel like knowing you wanted me as much as I want you….the nervousness of the first kiss, the first touches, the first looks deeply shared between you and I.  I long to hear you speak softly in my ear, ask me how it feels, hear you moan….I know you have that  “something”  no one else has and you, alone, are the one who will take control of me, my heart, my mind and body….and you are the only one I want to experience those precious moments of complete surrender, lost in love and desire sharing only that intimacy on such a deep level with you, and you alone……….I really need you to take me there. You.  Take control, don’t hesitate or wonder.  I want you.  I want you now.  Please think….



Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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