Poem:The Boat of Your Love

Written by Gloria Mwaniga

     You set me asail,

With the gap between your teeth,

as you opened its smooth doors,

to laugh at my crusty jokes.


Your beautiful smile,

stirred a storm in my heart,

and like a fisherman,

caught in an approaching tempest ,

I rowed this heart of mine,

towards the shore of sanity.


But there was no safe anchor.

For like eagle,

You spread out your tentacles

And pulled me tight,

into the crusty claws of your evil heart

Then you wove a web of deadly deception,

around my weak heart.


And when,

the raft seemed too weak,

To hold the both of us

You pushed me out,

into the wild waters.


And now,

I am drowning in the sea of  heartaches,

With sharks of loneliness pocking my freezing flesh,

And the song of evil in my head.


And you,

Swim off,

Wagging your fishtail.

Denying me,

Your fishy love.


Author: Gloria Mwaniga Minage

Phenomenal woman. that's me

8 thoughts on “Poem:The Boat of Your Love”

  1. how better to talk about love in a very unique manner leaving behind the cliche aspect.. a totally love the personification

  2. wawawawa this is some very well done stuff.i normally dont read poems all the way to the end but i have read this twice.You have maaarrrd talent!!

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