Poem: Listen Love

Written by Sam Mandhla Moyo


Listen Love,
I wrote this poem for you.

Read the emotions that flow to weave these words,
I write not from heart ache but growth from pasts that we mistake,
Like songs to cassettes, to live memory that cuts deep,
I found a healing in my scars, a compelling promise to leave,
Hear these as I recite with my iris hidden,
It’s the tears washing dirt off cheeks that liquid tongues
Quenches a thirst emotionally found,
So we drown life’s kisses on regret forgetting the beauty that  still exists,
Listen please, as I narrate hurt to touch that which is bliss
Hearts that fuel the physic, like a vision to the psychic

Your thoughts are silent  though your eyes speak,
It’s healing we seek to kill off that which never lives,
Like a dose of light to waken that which sleeps,
It’s shallow to think we are deep, that’s conscious thought like these pages concealed to hide that our hearts keep.

Life lessons in time’s presence,
Anger weakens to shorten wills essence,
So I write a metaphor to remind us of what we lost without resurrecting our prisons
Listen Love,
The pain that grips men is that within them,
A pride that trends minds to wisdom though hollow like abys is,
To face self is battle so they claim peace in silence,
Create a truth for their present only to face knowledges page in memory written,
This is moment like truth is.

I wrote this poem for you princess

Close your eyes and read this,
Sound your silence to pillows,
Let it out for freedom is God given like life is, Love is, so live it,
Embrace reality like disappointment to lesson,
Broken promises to trust what life still is,
What’s happiness without pain, thunder to rain before the suns up again

Listen Love,
Meditate on what I’ve never written,
These lines unseen by eyes like experience to feeling,
Find Life to breath creation, live meaning,
Deny doubt without reason as you trust instinct God given,
Realise the mirror concept and face doubles,
Accept without question isn’t that what faith is?

Listen Love,
I wrote this poem for you,
I wrote this poem for you,
Please love listen,
For the poem I wrote is not in these words you view.


Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

7 thoughts on “Poem: Listen Love”

  1. Hi. Am Jessica. Angela Nyasani’s pal. She referred me to this poem to get some inspiration & encouragement 4 my very young public writing mission. Thought i’d intro myself. You may erase, here’s the comment: There’s beauty in the complexity. Great piece!

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