BOOK REVIEW: Men of The South by Zukiswa Wanner

By Gloria Mwaniga

TITLE: Men of the South.

AUTHOR: Zukiswa Wanner

PUBLISHER : Kwale Books, South Africa.

In this urbane, fast paced page turner set in Johannesburg, Zukiswa Wanner, (the queen of black chic lit), takes us right into the private worlds of three men and one educated women.

We meet Mfundo, a struggling jazz musician in love with Sli, his uptown educated babe who wants him to get a real job and is not afraid to admit that she fell in love with the man’s potential but found herself stuck with an overgrown boy.

Then there is Mzilikazi. A 100% gay NGO executive who is desperately trying to hide his sexual orientation from his strict father and his children.

We also meet Tinaye, a Zimbabwean immigrant who is an Oxfordgraduate and would do anything to get South Africa Citizenship. His plans turn upside down when he falls from grace as the love of his life, Sli, finds out about his past with a certain lady called Grace. He is then forced to make a very tough choice.

Will Mfundo ever make it as a big-time musician or should he give up the dream and get a real job like Sli keeps telling him?

Can Mzilikazi gain enough courage to openly tell his wife and children about his sex orientation?

Will Tinaye ever get Citizenship and the love of the woman he wants more than anything else?

Zukiswa Wanner, one of the most promising African Writers has very successfully brought out the issues faced in modern African society, in a humorous, witty and hilarious style.

The 215 page turner has an enjoyable, humor-filled, easy to follow and very realistic plot written from the male point of view.

This is Zukiswa’s third novel.


Author: Gloria Mwaniga Minage

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