Written by Lynn Muriuki

Sniffing and deep sighing, breathing in bits,

Eyes sunken so deep, not a flicker of life in her,

Caged and pained, of reality a venture…

“Think about your folly and see of what your flimsy love can offer!’

To scoff at her, Gillian will continue, for as long as her damned breath will hold her.

Unreasonable Gillian makes you wonder when one forced love.

So she’s hidden her, lest Darrel sees her lovely face and trips,

A room whence secret, only feeding her seldom and torturing her ceaselessly

Taleen looks away, as pictures depicting sorrow are thrown at her; one has a famished looking couple, another has a lady who has discovered her cheating husband and so on and so forth… but Taleen just won’t look,

Because it happened once, but it felt like forever,

And if only for the sake of memory, in the lifeless room, Taleen catches a moment of sunshine, as she reminisces

“Hey, I love your sense of style…Yeah? Thanks!”

And that did it…

‘Dar-leen, (a name they concluded by sunset, a combination of their names), had what they could have termed as a courtship ready to get them married in just hours!

A simple conversation of style in terms of dress, swagger and charisma, saw the two drift in positions as the talk got richer, and richer.

I mean, Dar-Leen, got from the edges of the couch to sitting close together, to the pool table(Darrel teaching Tare pool), and walked hand in hand outside to get some fresh air

And Darrel knew Taleen’s fears,

And Taleen knew Darrel’s likes,

And they shared each other’s dreams

And they laughed, surprised at their similarities,

They even made a pact to eventually achieve together, a common desire, to be dance partners…

The rest just watched the two get closer and closer,

I know people click, but this was beyond it

Darrel got so excited and called his friends up to meet Taleen,

And Taleen returned the favor by introducing Darrel to Gillian, her sister,

And just like that, what started out as so beautiful, just faded in that manner…

But Taleen won’t give up, and Darrel won’t stop calling her phone and nagging his friends to look for her,

And Darrel and friends won’t stop lurking around Taleen’s home at night for Gillian’s suspicious nature, is too much to ignore.

They just won’t stop trying!

So as Gillian opens the door and walks towards Taleen, busy on the phone, oblivious of Taleen’s alertness

Taleen sees the wire hanging by the door

Now, she knows what to do…


Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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