Poem: Love At Last Sight

Written by Oluoch Madiang’


Coveting you. And wanting you, I out to dazzle you…project. War!

Henceforth, my charm is ranged all against you:
Blazing winks and attention. Winks.

A beer here and a lollipop there. A cake and a chocolate hence and thence;
A word on your dress and a flatter for your looks…words.

Sweet nothings fired by me…clung on by you! Blushes…

Lust at first sight by me and yet you: hook, line and sinker
Swallowed! Head mushy, and over heels…gotcha…where I want you.

Now I have you. Knowing you’ll always be there: have to be there.
A flick of the finger and your heels do the thinking…fast!
Never needing you. Wanting you: at my time. Times. Anytime.

Lips kissed…moans! Nape smooched…tremors!
A boob massaged…shivers! A nipple twirled…desires!
A back caressed…mysteries! Other places worked…ecstasy!


Satisfaction…Instant coffee, instant sex!

As wines flow, so does your thighs become Moses’ Red Sea.
And like slaves let free from Misri, I
Saunter through. Trample through you. Forth and back…back and forth,
But never meaning for Canaan! Not Me.
For now I know. I have felt. Explored. And having known, having explored:

Lust faded.

A put-down beer and a childish lollipop.
Cakes with concealed venom and chocolates proffered with the left hand.
Lies. Busy. Mteja. Routine coitus. Snores.
Frustration. Frustrations…

Game over!

Back straightened; senses gathered; mind made up; head held high…
You quit feeding on put-downs and walk away…break out of my prison.

I lose you.

I lose you. Then know you…how I wish I’d known you – and bagged you.

Fresh triumph…yours.

You laugh at last, and at last I grovel:
Croak…one more chance. Please. Peace.

For truly (as God is my witness) now I see.

Finally. Late. In the end, love at last sight.

Source: http://www.thomassaliot.com



Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

5 thoughts on “Poem: Love At Last Sight”

      1. Good point, I’d like to HEAR you read it though to /decipher the ‘stutters’. I concede that some hyphen and other punctuations need to be considered though. Naona unasema Obsessive Ed sana. Lol! 😉

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