Her tears (true story) Written by By El -Poet

Her tears target my Achilles heel,
she slid due to the silly spill,
Of cold soap water chilly till,
She fell tummy first, and really feels,
Pain,anger,regret,resentment, all these physical and mental,
All the tears that she falls are rental,
For her tear ducts and glands have dried up,

she flied up and down,cried up and frowned,searched up and down and found no cure,

now she drowns herself in her own blood,wounds all through her skin

as she chews her flesh with mega bytes,Little memory of happiness, megabytes,

She distances herself from her distant past,resistances of her resistant lust,

lost behind the finishline,last,cast upon by a cursed spell,

thirst quenched with blood,vast her veins now dry too,dust….weeps from morning till dusk….

all for an accident she didn’t ask for.

Once a potential mother versatile, proud,ripe and fertile, now a loner, abandoned by an inhumane husband, after she fell and lost his only chance of a child to bear his true mark of what i call cowardice.
He went from the love of her.life to the bane of her life,
I weep with her for when the fat hit the fire,
She burnt all she desired,
And her entire life,

Now cursed with a burden as she cant concieve,
No dream to live,she can’t achieve ,
No family to raise she can’t believe,
Had her Israeli friend called Aviv,
Now she can’t tell Aviv,
Now gullible and naive, she can’t perceive,
For any hug she receives,
She reaches for her gut,and its blood, sweat and memories of her miscarriage that she retrieves,
Cast in disarray and disbelief,
She faced an uphill battle but even the mountains had deserted her,
Left to twist in the wind but even the air had deserted her,
Was adviced to wave a dead chicken but she chose to bury herself in the sand with the chicken.
They say a picture paints a thousand words. But what if its negative?
we then  absorb this poem, and pray for the Mother that couldn’t conceive but gave birth to a lesson to be learnt for the lucky few.
For she wrote a note before she committed suicide that said, and i quote. “I walked a tight rope and fell,i hope the ones that face my tribulation in the future grow wings beforehand and fly”
lets pray for her to our Lords, i dont understand many gods, for that is Greek to me but i know our God will save our mothers. Peace.


Author: Gloria Mwaniga Minage

Phenomenal woman. that's me

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