These Demons……By El Poet

He said.
Its unfair
How our fair share of thought is impaired when we lack child care,healthcare,compared to elsewhere,

relishing luxury and vanity fares,I swear kneeling down for the Lords Prayer,
Coz that is the only thing in African Countries thats laissez faire,
So when you find yourself lonely, you are still alive,
Because life is the only reality game you play alone like solitaire.
Its only fair, when you try and square, your monthly share of the nations income and find you need to start those morning prayers you’ve always procrastinated.

So please don’t “whine” like fermented grapes,
Just stick your goals like adhesive tapes,
For this world is filled with aggressive apes,
Where oil and riches will get you killed if you follow Ghaddafi’s steps,
Yet you still complain that your neighbor bought a new harrier,hurry up and open your eyes to Syrian revolution,
Where when the country gets all the arsenal and rebels,
Western countries steal all the oil and labels,titles,honor.

Its not a battle for democracy and conflicting ideologies,
But a battle of bueurocracy wealth making chronologies,

Lets turn back to God to exorcise these demons,
Lets pray,
Pardon me Lord,but this demon runs these streets,
shackles of the pain of poverty,
fastens every heartbeat,
corrupts our sanity!
We prosper in his evil dominion,
as we all communicate with each others’ facade opinions!
A world in distortions,
a world in an era of terror,war and
legalized abortion!
A world with atheist sheiks’ andpastors,
a world where half naked men and
women pass us!
A world where,in dark
corners,prostitution flourishes,
infidelityon our faces like freckles and
ugly blemishes,
a world threatened by heavy artillery
and global warming,
insecurity sleeps and wakes up with us
every morning!
Our country cautious and alert cause of Al- shabaab bombings!
A world wounded by the blades of
concrete reality,so logically,those hurt are
the innocent beings hopeful of
Disillusionment always settles and kills
their anxiety!
Traveling across dilapidated roads,
socializing with reprimanded souls!
Sometimes I just feel like slicing my waist into half so that like literature columns,
I don’t know where to place my Semi-COLON,
For when we reach this point of no return,
Where we lose our greedy brothers and sister looting oil near explosive tanks,
Erosiveplans, when bosses sexually abuse their interns in turns,
When people go blind coz of yokozuna drinks sold in these grey cans,
Hey man,be thankful when you “shade” designer tears coz of these sun “ray bans”,

So for all these pain that we endure,
We sit and mourn for the late Wangare Maathai,
For all the pain the Izralites ensure,
On the weak palestines,ill ensure to blatantly address even in my love poems.
Humanity is humanity’s worst enemy.
We hunt ourselves, the only way to a peaceful world is if we all turn to God.


Author: Gloria Mwaniga Minage

Phenomenal woman. that's me

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