Poem: Embers of Passion

Written by Gloria Mwaniga

Sitting by the fireplace,

on a cold November night ,

I listen to your slow breath,

amidst the crackling firewood,

burning some brightly,

some not so brightly.

The silence in the rooms’ so eerie,

The large clock ticking away the hours,
Silently fading,
Our lives too,
Tick away.

The hours pass,
A couple, then more,
No word spoken, raw emotions,unexplored.
The fire’s dying out,
But I,
Am determined to keep it going,
For if it stops burning,
Then we,

Will have no reason,
To still sit here,
And the bed,
Well, it’s too cold,
And lonely,

I want to speak out but I am too afraid

To break the silence,
A word could hurt,
Our fragile hearts,
Or at least mine,

So I throw in,
A log of humor,to take us through,
The cold sad days,

Then I add,
a log of patience,
For at times,the sun takes too long to come up,
I add in little sticks of forgiveness,
To overcome the imperfect changing weather.

The flame is up again,
The fire hot once more,
We sit,gazing at it,crackling away,
In bewilderment.

Silence, our common song,
I feel your gaze sweep over me,
I know you are thinking of the days gone by,
But I can’t bear to look at you,

The fire slowly dies away,
And so do the embers of passion…


Author: Gloria Mwaniga Minage

Phenomenal woman. that's me

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