I Await Here…Wedding Poem.

 By Gloria Mwaniga

I await here,

For you to give me your hand,

walk quickly down the isle,

Come let’s compose our life tunes together.


I await here,

To put a ring on your slim pretty finger ,

 quickly sign these papers,

 that make you mine forever.


I await here,

To kiss your soft luscious lips,

Hurriedly say I do,

That I may kiss my bride.


I await here,

to drown  in  your love

 come my love,

lets dive deep in the sea of passion.

I await here

To fly you off to our moon,

 quickly shed that fluffy gown,

And grab your pair of jeans.


I await here,

To give myself to only you,

I hope you do the same

And stay by my side forever.


Author: Gloria Mwaniga Minage

Phenomenal woman. that's me

7 thoughts on “I Await Here…Wedding Poem.”

    1. Gloria….I await here to feed you off my mouth…the imagery here is disturbing…mother birds feed little birds from their mouths…the persona in the poem must really have ‘maternal’ and protective instincts for the bride;-)

  1. The use of the word ‘so’ makes the persona seem selfish and demanding rather than seducing. I won’t say anything about the persona’s interpretation or attitude towards wedding, but I must marvel ant Faith Oneya’s phantom line. Tihihihihiii…:-))

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