Poem: The Gentleman of Ill Repute

Written by Oluoch Madiang’



Move 1: Be-perfumed

Having determined that his wife stinks of routine

The desperate gent colognes himself and, decking shoes that make the man,

Flees the uninteresting safety of his boring bed for the exciting district that is lit red.

What poisons the gent shall suck from red lips are not worth a rat’s ass cents.

What vitality shall be sucked off him by the other lips is not worthy of the misadventure.

Yet be-moneyed, the scented gent of ill repute shall gladly pay in reddened cash.

Move 2: Be-perched

Seated at the high bar the gent of ill repute says a lot without uttering a word.

His peep-bare chest promises pillowed abode for desires;

His chain beckons the honeybee, harbinger of the triangular hive.

Why the gent’s sparkling liquor remains enticingly half-full despite the sips

Only the enchained and enchested one from amongst the paraded prey

Will know; with a pore bestung on her by an ill reputed stinger.

Oh how the ill-reputable man imagines that he lives: and a kill falls!

Move 3: Be-goggled

The gent’s eyes scan the inviting pickings

Debating whom, between the raw girl and the ripe woman, be the low hanging fruit…

Yet all, equally of scandalous renown, are not any sitting ducks.

Behind their foured eyes they’d all bespied the awkward gent – and boy, can they stalk!

Any who has no eyes could have seen.

Any who has no brain could not have been dim

To what tricks the haze of the red light and the blue of the gent’s goggles played!

For not even an ill-fated prey-hunter could have so naively turned hunted.

Move 4: Bereft!

To whomever this gent’s lust was poured out there is no profit in betting,

Seeing how he now is deperfumed. Deperched. Degoggled.

Horrors! It was never maybe that a curse would reach this disreputable man:

Not any groveling shall unharden the heart of a red-eyed girl of ill fame,

Not any spell begged from the revisited bed of boredom shall proffer purge.

For all that which he should not have afforded to lose

This gentleman has so incredibly conjured a way to un-own.



Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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