Poem:You are a Masterpiece

Written by Margaret Muthee

Know you are fine,
For the moon don’t make the stars shine…
Mountains don’t make rivers flow…
Light don’t make a day!

Know you are a masterpiece,
A daisy in his garden of roses…
You are his own!

So when they do menacingly mock, mourn at your being…
Know you are…
A master piece remember?

“The Mona Lisa”
The value he – owner of the seas
Attaches to you is what matters
So when your patience they do try,
Do not sit down and cry!
Know you are…
You-are-above that!

You are an eagle that so high can fly,
Above the dark and clear blue sky,
So spread your wings…
New life begins.
When you realize-you are…
You are a prince….son- daughter of a king!
Walk, talk, like the one you represent…..


Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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