Proverb of the day……With Gloria Mwaniga.

From the Maragoli.

Utarora n’nya vukana dada yata vuza zing’ombe ( he who does not see his mother in her youth may think his father threw away the cows.


This proverb is used to show how the passage of time wears out things. It was believed that by the time a child was able to look at his mother and actually see her beauty, she was already older and not as pretty as she would be when dowry was paid for her, and so the child would think that his father had ‘wasted the cows he paid for ’.


This proverb was used to teach young ones that everything has its season and that they should embrace change and not run from it as it is inevitable.


The Maragoli, or Logoli (Ava-Logooli), are the second largest tribe of the 6 million-strong Luhya nation in Kenya, after the Bukusu. The dialect they speak is called Llogoli, Urulogoli, or Maragoli.

Will you do your best to embrace change today?



Author: Gloria Mwaniga Minage

Phenomenal woman. that's me

3 thoughts on “Proverb of the day……With Gloria Mwaniga.”

  1. This is great and please keep posting such and many other Maragoli information.
    From herbal medicine to great knowledge of all sorts.

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