Newspaper Review: Man Talk by Jackson Biko…. ..A School for Wives????

By Gloria Mwaniga

On Saturday,  I gleefully flipped the pages of my Saturday Nation magazine pullout  and on page 10, stumble upon this male perspective page where according to the writer Jackson Biko, a creative Nairobian (ha) has come up with a school to teach women to be better spouses.

The piece starts off brilliantly with him giving the statistics we love to hate on marriage.

  • That only forty percent of marriages are happy.
  • Six out of ten couples hang out because of kids.
  • 76% of men opted out of marriage because their wives became argumentative and disrespectful
  • Half of divorced or separated women opted out because their spouses were not treating them as equal partners.

So some smart head decided to go ahead and actually do something about this statistics.(Impressive considering the Kenyan government does absolutely nothing with all those research findings given to them).

For only Sh.25, 000, dear lady reader, you will be proudly a student at the Bride for Life, Wives for life school. The good thing is that you do not have to buy hockey sticks and set books and better still there are no exams so you will not need any mwakenya. In six months, you will be awarded a certificate, and commissioned out into the world to make good your knowledge and become a sweet smiling model wife who can cook like the Serena Chef’s, be both best friend and listener to your husband and do whatever else your certificate give you the power to.

So Biko, typically has a few topic suggestions he wants covered in the syllabus and they are:

  • Verbal restrain to help curb the female tongue.
  • Financial management: He went ahead to accuse the female of domestic money laundering and having phantom ATM cards.
  • Sex education:  That man are visual as and women should try and wear even stuff that is slightly flattering.

Let me just say i am waiting for the Boys School version called the Groom for Life, Husbands for Life School.

Happy Valentines….


Author: Gloria Mwaniga Minage

Phenomenal woman. that's me

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