Opinion: I Trade You Very Much

Written by Dora Okeyo

Blog: www.dora-jodie.blogspot.com

People say “I love you very much” when they really mean “I trade you very much.”

You might be thinking, no way…but let’s look at things the way they are for the next few paragraphs okay?

So, given the various kinds of relationships that people are in “I love you very much= I trade you very much.” That’s my hypothesis! I love reading books and I’m a complete sucker for romance stories and movies, and who better in this field than Nicholas Sparks? Yes, he’s the same guy who wrote: The Notebook, Dear John, Message in a bottle, The Last song, The Vow and The Lucky One. The Vow just hit the screens this Valentine’s Day and it questions what you’d do if the one person you love does not remember who you are anymore. It follows the life of Leo, whose wife after an accident doesn’t remember him and he’s on a mission to win her back-going through the process of getting her to fall in love with him again, and in my opinion, that takes a lot of patience, but it is so Nicholas Sparks! His stories all revolve around love, forgiveness and most of all letters. If you get the chance of reading his works-you will notice that all his stories involve letter writing and in an interview he once said that he fell in love with his wife and kept in touch through letters, and he believes that honest communication of thoughts and more so feelings is what keeps a relationship alive.

So, with his latest film “The Lucky One” hitting the screens in April 20th, I might just carry my box of tissues and prepare for a good cry-and cross my slender fingers that guys who love unconditionally still exist, then it hits me…they do!

If they do, why are so many people hurt in relationships?

Why do people have so much to fear about falling in love?

It’s simple-people enter relationships with an eye toward what they can get from them instead of what they can put into them. See, most people want to get but do not want to give, that’s the problem. The purpose of any relationship is for you to decide what part of yourself you’d like to see show up, not what you’d like to capture and keep about the other person. I have major beef with people who say “You complete me” because that’s not my purpose, that’s not what I am to do if I am in a relationship with you. The moment you seek to be completed by another-you are already dependent on them and there’s where the big D comes in- Disappointment!

So why do some people enter relationships? Well others are bored, lonely, just having fun, some wonder when they’ll get married, and others simply do so because they can. So, if the love you are showing is more about need fulfillment, then you are simply trading something. You are trading emotions for concern and the two are just not the same. The two of you in the relationship are placing an enormous burden on each other to be something you wish, not what you truly are and then in the end you break up, drink yourself to a stupor, pledge to be single forever-and only for the cycle to continue…

So, if you are looking for someone to complete you-be ready for disappointment.

If you are hoping that the other person will love you very much, wake up! They will only trade you very much and get to a point where they have given you all their resources and the only thing they’ll have left is to walk away.



Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

3 thoughts on “Opinion: I Trade You Very Much”

  1. This entire post is a plagiarism of Neal Donald Walsch. When you have such profound ideas, the least you can do is credit their owner. Consider it your opportunity, or your obligation, or just what you’re willing to trade.

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