Poem: A Testament to Truth

Written by Oluoch Madiang’



I fear to tell you the bitter truth today
Because I think I love you.

I fear to tell you the fearful truth tomorrow
Because I think you’ll hate me.

The day after tomorrow I shan’t tell you the whole truth
Because I loathe to lose you.

I crave to have you Zilha.

Yet, I suspect the day fast approaches
When truth shall burn us down
(You more and I most)

Because my foolish infatuation
Won’t stand the truer truth…
About you!



Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

7 thoughts on “Poem: A Testament to Truth”

  1. It is an Oluoch Madiang’ poem and there I was hoping it was your own. ‘Wont’ carries a different meaning from ‘won’t’. Did he mean, “Wont stand the truer truth…” or ” Won’t stand the truer truth…” .

    What are your thoughts on punctuation and its use in poetry?

    1. I am afraid thatmuch as I love poetry, I do not write it. I count on the generosity of talented poets like Madiang’ for the poetry posts.

      The word wont has been edited to Won’t after consultations with the poet.Simply a typo.

      Punctuation and its use in poetry: My take is that punctuation(or lack of it),make or break the poem.Poets can choose what effects,feelings,emotions or whatever it is they want to bring to the poem through applying punctuation (even if they are not grammatically correct). That said, I have come across poets who do this lazily/carelessly and the line they fall back on is “Poetic license” even though it it blatant abuse of the same.

    1. True,true.Poetry that always tells a story.Enjoyed the last stanza;
      Because my foolish infatuation
      Won’t stand the truer truth…
      About you!

      Would be interested in why the poet found it necessary to have the ellipse after truer truth?

  2. This poem reminds me of some lyric about a guy who admired a girl called Alice for 4 or 40 years but had no courage of saying it to the girl simply because of ‘fear’ of some truth. The best he did was to stand and beep thru his window as limos and limos pulled outside Alice’s Keja/house/flat.

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