Poem: She Is

Written by Clifford Mugambi Kaburu

She is
Browsing through the past
When possibilities were vast
Before Judgment could be passed
And like a nice girl she always finished last
She is
Finding it hard to relate
To the girl who trusted fate
Who never stayed up too late
Or wandered far from the gate
She is
Trying to get reacquainted
With herself before she was tainted
And realizing the canvas was bound to be painted
Regardless of how long she waited
She is
No longer the girl in dated photos
“Thank God”, she says, then laughs
She is
Finally comfortable in her own skin
Respectful of who and where shes been
She is
Fresher than the perfume she wore this morning
Armed and fabulous so consider this warning
Not to be scary but she is
The cherry in the soda that amplifies the fizz!


Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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