Poem: The Days of Lesser Worry to Come

Written by Raya Wambui

I’m drowning in the volume of my own inactive ambition…

And then they push me into the blog

That forms the residue within me…

My failures,

My falls.


Life has gotten to be a maze of the mind

Which I realize more and more, I can’t leave behind.

Due to various reasons, and ties that do bind.

But I’ve found a real reason to lift myself high.

Because this maze will bind… hide or rind…

I will take it with me.


I’ll keep fighting for… there may be a war, ahead,

In which the stakes will be higher.

I may one day grace a battle field

That I can call my own.


Not a shelter or a cave in which,

To hide my frightened mind but a battle field.

The kind that will make all my soldiers proud.

The ones around us… the ones within

The ones who stood beside, to fight, to die,

So we could fight to live.


This war will be My fight, My life,

A maze by my own hand.


When that day comes, I’ll be prepared.

My straight back will be set in stone.

My eyes prepared for any surprise.

I will have had the practice of the present.


And so,

I’ll lift my staff into air, and plant it down

So fiercely

That my future mirrors on the battle field

Will have heard of me long before I come.











Tamar Walker.



Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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