Theatre:FCA presents BEDSIDE MANNERS by Derek Benfield 31st March & April 1st

At KENYA NATIONAL THEATRE (KNT), FCA-Festival of Creative Arts proudly presents BEDSIDE MANNERS, hilarious comedy by Derek Benfield on Saturday 31st March at 3, 6 & 8pm and on Sunday 1st April at 3 & 6pm.

Hannington (Derrick Amunga) reluctantly agreed to look after his sister’s hotel. He could not possibly have foreseen the wild comings-and-goings that were about to burst upon a sunny evening. Two couples descend, unsuspectingly, upon this hotel. Roger (Martin Githinji) has arranged an assignation with Sally (Jackie Mungai), leaving his wife, Helen (Nice Githinji) at home to look after the dog, Sally leaving her husband, Geoff (Brian Munene) to dig in the garden.

However, Helen and Geoff are not at home. They have also made plans for a naughty weekend – together! They have all seen the same advertisement and the two couples all end up at the same hotel – each with the wrong partner.

Hannington is not thrilled by his weekend obligations, but as the action thickens, he manages to do his bit by keeping potentially dangerous events from exploding. He is engulfed in lies, confusions, and bewilderments as he tries to capitalize on preventing the inevitable meetings of husbands, wives and lovers in assorted compromising situations! He also manages to look out for himself by expecting to be tipped for each of his acts of collusion.

This is a witty, ingenious, hilarious martial comedy directed by Mbeki Mwalimu and Produced by Abuto Eliud. The Assistant director and stage manager is Veronica Waceke. The production assistants Njeri Kairu and Janice Wanyela provide support while Nimrod Lucky Mwangangi, Esther Baraga and Naomi Baraga assist in marketing the show.

Tickets at 500 bob and offer of advance tickets at 400/= open till Thursday 28 March at only 400/= at Assanand’s Music Shop (1st fl 8to8) Mall, KENYA NATIONAL THEATRE and Alliance Francaise


Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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