Book Review:Chris Lyimo’s ‘My Side of the Street:One Man’s Journey from Alchoholism to Sobriety’

Reviewed by Faith Oneya

Available at: BooksFirst, Uchumi Hyper and Bookstop Yaya at KShs 700.00

Wellins Calcott in ‘Thoughts Moral and Divine’ says ‘He that is a drunkard is qualified for all vice’. Chris Lyimo’s story of his journey from alcoholism to sobriety validates this statement in multiple ways.The autobiography from the addictions consultant and inspiration speaker encapsulates the horrors of life as an alcoholic and the triumph over it.
The story is told in a laid back fashion, with the author seemingly commenting about his life (past and present) with no sense of judgment over his sins or the sins of his family, but with a grounded realization of the impact of presumably little events that changed the course of his life.

Twitter: @ChrisLyimo
Nairobi, Kenya ·

The book begins with a ‘discovery’ that he is different from his sisters and mother-thanks to his ‘kanyamu’. Growing up as a boy among three women, Lyimo finds himself suffering time and again from an acute yearning to fit in. The rest of the book seems centered around this one great need.
Lyimo bares it all in the book: from his first sip, his first sexual encounter, fatherhood, death, his battle with depression and the journey of forgiveness. His experiences are captivating, moving and inspiring.
The book is not so much about alcoholism as it is about love, family, forgiveness and the triumph of the human spirit. The unapologetic use of sheng and Kiswahili delivered mostly through dialogue is commendable.
While the book succeeds in the art of storytelling, it is prudent to mention that the craft could be enhanced more had there been ‘tighter’ editing. I am a firm believer in buying Value for Money, whether it is books or cabbages.There are numerous misplaced punctuations in the book . Readers are owed a good copy.
Readers looking for inspiration, motivation and entertainment will enjoy reading this book.


Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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