Meet the Author: Victorine Ndinda

Victorine Ndinda writes fiction(short stories) as well as features. Her work has been featured in a number of blogs including Literary Chronicles. Ndinda shared herself with us. Read on to find out what she said!

LC: What did they call you as a child?
VN: It’s funny but I have never had a nickname, not from my friends anyway.
Beats me why, because I’d love to have one. However, there is one name that one of my Uncles uses, since I was a kid. Katungulu. I really hate the name but my uncle insists on using it even when am this big, infront of the family and strangers! The name belonged to a great-grandmother who was very strong in character and full of wisdom. My uncle says that those characteristics are what made him call me that.Oh, and he also said that he will never stop calling me that

Victorine Ndinda

LC: What was the naughtiest thing your mother ever caught you doing?
VN: Well, I have to honestly confess that I was a drama-free kid. I had an equal share of drama as well as fun too, nothing ever serious. The only naughty thing mama ever caught me doing was when I decided that since sugar tastes good, it would make my githeri taste sweeter too. Of course it ended up tasing horribly. Mother caught me just when I was trying to dig a hole to hide it (we had no cat or dog, and she’d have easily seen it in the pit). amazingly she didn’t beat me. She just made me finish my meal 🙂

LC: What are your favorite books? What kind of books do you read?
VN: Oh where do I start? My taste in books has changed over time, from Mills and Boom back when I was in high school to now. I love books that speak to my soul, that make me laugh, that make me think in between the lines about life, love, hurt, survival. Any book that can evoke such emotions in me that I will read. I love a book that speaks to me, that makes me feel like we are having a dialogue-me and the
writer or the characters in the book. A book that I can relate with. I therefore hate scientific fictions, same to movies actually. I prefer books that are in first-person narration, always. That’s why I love
reading auto-biographies, to know how people deal with some issues in life, common to all mankind.

LC: Have you ever fallen in love with a fictional character? Tell us about it?

VN:  Ha-ha, that’s tricky one Faith 🙂 Well have fallen in love with a few characters in the books I’ve read, both male and female. However, I especially liked the main character in the book The Sicilian by Mario Puzo. I admired his desire for justice, and law. He lived as an outlaw because he protected the poor in Sicily but oh how he tried to deliver the poor from the grip of the Sicilian Mafia. Need I say that I cried? when he died at the end, after been betrayed by the person closest to him?

LC: What inspires your writing?

VN: I am inspired by day to day life, the struggles we go through, the little demons of our past we have to fight over, the little victories won in our personal fights. I want to tell a story, either in my poetry or articles, a story that a few if not everyone can associate with.

LC: Please share a few lines from your favorite piece (From what you have written)
VN: All those coffins signified some sort of…. doom finality, the hopelessness and vanity of life. But the little boy I saw waving to the mother that morning represented life and hope. I chose life. I chose to hope.

LC: What is your greatest fear?
 VN: That this life we live was one big joke and there is no life after death after all!

LC: Share something about yourself that nobody knows
VN: I cry. Its funny I know but most of my friends and people who have known me think I am very strong but I have my moments too. When the pain’s too much, I let it fall through my tears, and then I pray… That’s
how I manage to be strong, I guess.

 LC: If you died today? How would you like to be remembered?    
VN: I’d like to remembered as the girl who tried. I tried to be the best in everything I was, especially matters relationship-the best friend, the best daughter, the best sister, the best girlfriend, the best worker, the best colleague, the best cousin. I might have not managed to be the best in all this but I tried.


Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

5 thoughts on “Meet the Author: Victorine Ndinda”

  1. I loved every story in that book. I however noticed that America is featuring a lot in the stories,life in America,I wonder what the author aimed to achieve from that. But I loved the simplicity and effortless way of writing,how each story makes you stop and think and reflect. They evoke such emotions within you that linger even when you have moved to another story.

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