Book Review: Princess Adhis and the Naija Coca Broda

Author: Tony Mochama aka Smitta
Reviewed by :Faith Oneya

If Steve Biko wrote what he liked, then Tony Mochama definitely writes how he likes. Never before have the rules of spelling and grammar so blatantly been disregarded. And with such flair too.

If you are one of those ‘nyahunyo-bearing’ grammar cops, then this book will assault your senses and have you pulling at your hair, because the sentence and word mix-ups occur from page one to the very end of the book whose last words are “The End”.

Those that know the author from his column in the Standard where he writes in the Pulse Magazine under the name “Smitta” will also remember that he launched a poetry collection titled: ‘What If I am a Literary Gangsta?’ in 2007 but perhaps he is best known for his short story collection tilted. ‘The Road to Eldoret and Other Stories’.

The novella exposes the rot that is the Kenyan urban society in one of the boldest, most creative, most hilarious ways. John Kiriamiti’s ‘My Life in Crime’ dose not even begin to compare because Mochama’s book goes where few Kenyan writers have gone.The master storyteller weaves a spell-binding tale of love, lust, child pornography, drug –trafficking and death in the most captivating way.


My favorite character in the book is definitely Meyya Mutola who, the author says, “is not a man with even a nodding acquaintanceship with embarrassment.”
Love him or hate him, Tony Mochama is simply the messenger of this rotten society, as poet Steve Partington rightly puts it.

Tony Mochama signing a copy of the book.

The book is available online ( and in major bookstores locally.



Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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