A Kenyan Middle class prayer…..

By Gloria Mwaniga.

Give us a wise heart, Oh Lord,

That even as we indulge in chicken delicacies,

And visit Ngara for gifts at Christmas,

And as we overcrowd Machakos Bus Station,

To go to our rural homes,

We may leave something small,

For the tough months that come,

after the old year.


Give us rain, Oh Lord,

That our crops may grow,

And hence the price of two kilos of maize,

May go down from one fifty to seventy five.


Oh give us fees,

That our children may go back to school,

And work towards a bright future.

For they are leaders of tomorrow.

Or tomorrows’ tomorrow.


Give us joyful faces,

Even when the rainy flooding season,

Gives way to a dry and sunny January

Full of dust and sweat and stress.

May we be happy.

Not to have been swept away.


Give us a patient heart,

Even when in January,

the schools open once more,

And our streets are entangled in  traffic.

May we,  spend more time in our hearts,

cherish those we love.

than we do, stuck  on the roads.

Give us persevering hearts,

That though our New Year resolution was to get a new job,

Yet we painfully have to walk back,

To our low paying  jobs,

Or no jobs at all,

We may look at our employers,

not as an enemy,

But as someone who’s given as a platform from where to get the bearing

Of out true north.


Give us a heart of courage,

As we wear the graduation gowns,

Then  spend endless days at cybers,

Hoping to get our African Careers launched.

And the youth fund lies untouched,

Waiting for some  entrepreneurial youth….


Give us a real smile Lord,

That even in the midst of fake hair and plastic smiles,

We may pass warmth to the stranger at KENCOM,

And share rich laughter with our friends.


Make us happy Oh Lord,

Even as we rush home to watch Tabasamu,

And the KPLC staff decides otherwise,

That we may look at it as a chance  to have candle lit dinner,

With those we love.

Oh give us the patience of a grasshopper,


May our parents accept our spouses for who they are,

And not for what tribe they come from,

May our youth give up the habit of trying to get rich quick,

And stop the job hopping habit of Generation Y.

May our teenagers give up movie series and clubbing,

And may they grow into patriotic, law abiding, useful citizens,

And may our politicians become honest,

if there exists such a thing as  an honest politician.




Author: Gloria Mwaniga Minage

Phenomenal woman. that's me

7 thoughts on “A Kenyan Middle class prayer…..”

  1. Ah,I enjoyed the light humour and the ‘Kenyanness’ in the launguage and themes. Very re-latable.Sums up the Kenyan youth experience very neatly.

  2. Very easy read with stuff you can actually relate to… Should have a part two, too much stuff we Kenyans pray for to be said at one go!

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