This Miguna Man………My take on the Wag’s ‘My ethical misgivings with this ‘volatile miguna book’

By Mwaniga Minage.


Friday evening, over a cup of hot tea at the KNT, I listened to a couple of friends discussing the trending Kenyan topic last week: @MigunaMiguna.
Word on the street is, he has broken so many rules in his peeling the mask book that tons of lawyers are queuing up, begging Mr. Raila Odinga to allow them to sue Mr. Miguna.

So after a long wait and an appetite whetted by the nation newspaper in a movie like serialization of Miguna’s book, he finally launched it amid ridiculous threats that there is more where that came from.

First of all, I have to do my hats off thing for Miguna for launching the book just at its tipping point (before the 2013 elections when every candidate is looking for dirt on his opponent.). If it was in the US, Mr. Odinga’s political ambition could have swiftly come to a predictable end as ‘integrity ‘issues there are taken rather seriously.
However, this is Africa and however dark your history, all you need is to belong to a particular tribe and you will get most votes from your clansmen because you are ‘theirs’.

Mr Muguna must also be a good student of Robert Green for sticking to one of the 48 Laws of power which says draw attention to yourself at all costs.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not in support Mr. Raila or the folks in parliament now, if anything I am a true believer in the Boniface Mwangi school of thought that all the vultures, should be removed from power. But I do also believe in dignified approaches to issues.

The power game.

What Mr. Miguna would have done to gain more credibility would be to get a grip of his over- enthused self and just calm down. Instead of going round screaming blue murder (student’s companion) and sounding like a wronged man on a mission of revenge.

Just imagine if he was as calm as Mutahi Ngunyi the political analyst, and speak with confidence and without so much emotion.
We would actually have no choice but to believe him.

But he has been caught live on camera enough times saying ‘if you want to sue me, come babe come and that Raila should go to him and kneel and kiss his feet . (at this point i have to say that he reminds me of Joseph who was sold by his brothers in Egypt; and had been reproached by his father for dreaming that they would bow to him.)

In his column in today’s Daily Nation, the Wag, says, and I do agree that the book is out too soon after the fallout.
To increase his credibility, double Miguna would have taken his time to produce a masterpiece work, (books aren’t the easiest things to write, especially memoirs) and so this does sound like Vendetta and he unfortunately looks like he is taking advantage of his privileged position in government at such a time as this.

The wag continues to say that eyewitnesses remember only what they want to remember and magnify what they want to and that an autobiographical book could lead one to self conscious and even exaggerated self importance in the whole process and I say true dat.

Lets just say that the Chief Justice Mr. Willy Mutunga will have to look into more than two presidential candidates’ integrity issues and that Miguna should start reading the book How to Win People’s Trust Again because we neverthe less just joined John Githongo in the whistleblowers job(but you see Mr. Githongo had the European Unions support.
Meanwhile Mr. Raila should see how to do damage control after magnificently launching his online campaign…..because like we were told,
Kenya Ni Kwetu na Hatucheki Na watu!!

oh and news just in on twitter; Muguna’s life is now in Danger. Yeah Right!


Author: Gloria Mwaniga Minage

Phenomenal woman. that's me

4 thoughts on “This Miguna Man………My take on the Wag’s ‘My ethical misgivings with this ‘volatile miguna book’”

  1. I love what miguna has done and that’s the way Kenya should go! Were the stolen billions recovered? What’s more important? Thieves and the money stolen or miguna creating enemies by simply saying the truth about corruption? Where did this culture come from and when will it end when it seems that despots are heroes. Crap and I hate it with passion

  2. @Jack, the vultures do need to be exposed; just thinking…, why didn’t he whistle blow when working at the govt still? and……if they had not fallen out, would he still have exposed the saga??

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