Minister Mutula and the Mini skirt High School Girls’ of Murang’a, Kenya.

By Gloria Mwaniga.

Education minister turned fashionista  Mutula Kilonzo has been quite a family guy this month. That is besides being scared stiff by a house gal who lives somewhere on State house.

He was extensively mentioned by one Miguna Miguna on the bench as being a witness to Mr. Orengo’s strange spending habits (he is said to have walked away pissed when Mr. O rengo bought a short sleeved shirt for over three hundred and fifty thousand shillings.)

Yesterday, Mr. Mutula  decided to  delve more into domestic affairs  by siding with some  teenage girls who have come to the realization that long skirts isn’t their thing’ any more. And so after skillfully dodging the KNUT representatives who wanted him to increase the teachers’ salaries by 300% he went ahead and got 100% airtime on all the local media for uttering these words below.

We should move with the trends, these girls should not be compelled to wear long skirts; they are not nuns….. If someone forces you, just call me, I will convince them to let you wear the short skirts.

Excuze moi??

I do spend a considerable amount of time with teens because I volunteer with an organization that work with them and so I’d like to give a small piece of advice to Mr. Mutula   but before that let me just add that Mr . Otieno Kajwang’ was probably just joking when he said   he will propose that 12 year olds votes and so, Mr. Mutula shouldn’t worry that siding with teachers can lead to his losing popularity with these bunch of kids who may refuse to vote for him yet they make up the largest part of the population if the 2010 census is anything to go by.

Reasons why I do not agree with Mutula.


The reaction of the kids just shows us what our society’s becoming. Thanks to the current trends, the teens think wearing short skirts will make them ‘better’ individuals or worse still, not wearing short skirts will make them not cool. Maybe its time we think through what moral lessons our teens are getting from the world around us.

Moreover, where are the teachers who are parents too, supposed to look especially when the girls sit indecently in class or bend to pick items that they dropped??

Two,these  girls are in either form two or three. Reason? They would just like to create something interesting in their otherwise boring life at school and especially since second term is quite a long term, so taking them too seriously isn’t a creative solution. And the minister, being a parent, should have figured this out.

Three: this short skirt theory is likely to lower the esteem of the girls who do not have nice legs, moreover, the mamas with great legs will become a source of envy to the other girls and worse still, prey for those teachers and TP’s who will obviously get tempted seeing them walking in the staff rooms shaking their semi-hips in a new found young adult grandeur.

As I write this, I think of my friend V. whose great legs were unfortunately, the target of the female teachers who looked like they were on a mission to disfigure and mark them all over with strokes of the cane just because they looked nice.

And for Pete’s sake, who wants their teenage daughter’s behind squeezed into an almost flat ball of flesh by a skirt made for their little sister. Sorry Mr.Waziri but this time, I’ll be candid and tell you to just focus your energy and eyes on more useful things concerning education e.g. just how low quality the so called free primary school education is  and leave skirt issues to the parents and guidance and counseling department’s of schools. Mschewww…


Author: Gloria Mwaniga Minage

Phenomenal woman. that's me

3 thoughts on “Minister Mutula and the Mini skirt High School Girls’ of Murang’a, Kenya.”

  1. Gloria…what a timely article . I grew up in an age and time where teachers were king(in every way) and cases of teacher-student relationships were rampant. Perhaps in Mutula’s time teachers actually taught as opposed to oogling the not-so-innocent girls that wear the short skirts for more reasons than just fashion!

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