The Creatives Garage.

Last Friday evening, as from, a large number of creatives gathered at the PAWA 254 hub on statehouse road to meet with and connect with fellow established creatives.

The event was dubbed the creatives garage and this is what transpired.

Who spoke?

Cindy ogana.

She is a radio presenter.

Her three muses are:

That she is a child of God

Her son.

Her sanity or lack of it

What she does:

She runs a charity; named ‘this boys this man’

Casting agent of the Bonita belle organizations

She also runs the ‘3 nine productions’ a dating agency based in Nairobi.

She will be representing Kenya at the Nanzikambe poetry festival.

She sings with an all male band called the ‘tamasha beat’


2. Mercy kariuki ngumi

Organization: Diaper cakes.

Diaper cakes is an organization that makes creative gifts for people who have had a baby.

It is a flagship project of zawadi tele.

They have an online


3. Risper, standing in for Daphine Okoji.

Organization: Elle Interior Designs.

They specialize in making people ideas of what they wanted their homes to be to come true.

They focus on commercial and residential projects.

They also train in landscaping, interior design and curtain making

Their market growth is due to word of mouth

4. Wamathai.

Creative Connector.

He got into blogging by accident

Started sharing his work on face book and got quite a following.

He defines blogging as media without a hidden advertising agenda

He is an online publisher.

He works with lifestyle website.

He does content development….

Contracted to rewrite information for organizations.

Does content for a travelling and furniture company.

Event management e.g. wamathai spoken word.

He is also a teacher, mentors young writer, organizes the bake awards.


5. Macrine Kajuma.

Self-taught Graphics Designer.

Organization:Ciala Design House.


Calls herself a  weaver bird.

All she needs is for you to tell her your idea. She will come up with three samples that will all bl;ow your mind away.

She makes e-flyers….. Poster adverts, Branded mugs, bumper stickers, book and cd covers and billboards.

She worked for 2 yrs in HR and quit to begin her organization with a capital of Kshs. 500.

She also does Dummy product designs,Gift/ carrier bags and moving adverts.

You can contact her on

Only marketed her first products; all her subsequent businesses have been referrals.

6. Connie Oluoch.

 Fashion Stylist.


Runs a fashion house.

She currently is a consultant for the deacons group.

She says stylists have a chance to work with:

Magazines, Fashion pages, Production of soaps and adverts, PR firms

Read more about her on

On the side, Mentors UON  fashion students


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