Poem: The Irony of Love

Poem by Victorine Ndinda

………. And this I find

To be the irony of love.

That the strongest are afraid to love

That the most loving will be hurt

That the wildest can be tamed by love

That those afraid of getting hurt

Let chances pass by, and the best lovers go-

Blocking everything. And everyone.

Never wanting anyone to get in

(Sad, that they will never know the joys

Of loving and being loved)

Source: http://poemsforkush.com/tag/love/


……. That those who are ready to love

Don’t easily and readily

Find that love

They so crave for


But I know these to be the beauty of love

The secret smiles, little kisses, loving touches, wholesome hugs,

Love notes, love poems

Morning texts, and mid night calls

The giggles and laughs

Shared with someone you love


Yes, you may get hurt,

But never


Be afraid To love.

Because, again, the irony of love

Is this

That it is better to have loved

Than to have never loved at all




Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

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