Campus divas for rich men??? Have Kenyan University Girls lost it or are they just the local version of the Bold and the Beautiful?

 By  Gloria Mwaniga.


I get it, really.  The whole unemployment and underemployment thing going on in the world at large and Kenya in particular.

And yeah, every other business leader saying that the creatives are taking over the world. That risk taking is the new key to making it and dropping out of Harvard or whatever Ivy League University to start up your own venture could land you in the Forbes list of the richest men in the world, trust them!

The genesis

But wait a minute, you, just like Jesus, find yourself born to not-so-rich earthly parents.

If this happens in some first or second world country, then you might be lucky enough to get some food stumps and even an allowance from the government, plus you could get yourself into a shelter for the homeless.


But if you land in the deep green jungle from whence simba of Lion King originated, then you will find out that Hakuna matata (matara) is but just a phrase and that everyday, kuna matata.


Your parents (bless them) will probably work their heads off at some low paying government jobs or biashara to pay your way into a relatively expensive nursery  and primary school. Amidst the bowlfuls of uji and missing teeth, you will learn that

mikono yangu midogo we, haiwezi kufanya kazi,

 lakini kipenzi mama we, nitakuwa mkubwa, nitakusaidia we na wewe utapumzika (my little hands cannot work now, but dear mummy, I wil grow big, I will help you as you rest ).


And so, like every sane Kenyan, a hope will start budding in your heart. You will start looking at the future as being bright and you will read all the Malkiat Sign and Top Flyer Text books you can find. Your school motto will probably reinforce the futuristic hope by reading something like….’aim high now, for a future foundation’ or

the roots of hardwork are bitter but the fruits are sweet.’


If you are a serious student, then You will get saved around about the time you sit your KCPE when some random preacher comes to your school for  a challenge weekend and promises favour on all God’s children. After the exams, you will spend the next few miserable months waiting for the minister of Education to announce the results.

Your parents, will probably be huddled together with you on there sofa, watching the news bylines and hoping that your ka-name or your ka-schools’ name will pop up.


High school will come, like an untimely frost in mid-summer (ShakespeareJ) and you will spend another four years of your life in an institution of academic excellence. Running so as to save academic time   and eating home-made foods at the academic square during visiting.


This, you will do whilst waiting for letters from the boys you met at an outing and frequently visiting the staffroom to be ‘mentored’ by  the new hot TP(teacher on practice) from KU (woe unto you if its mwalimu Andrew.)


By this time, it will have gotten clearer. The fact that you really are ‘weak’ in physics and math and hence, form three is welcome as you will drop all those boring subjects and pick histo CRE and Bio. Your engineering dreams are promptly discarded as you make up your mind to become an actress like Rita Dominic and Ramsey Noah (thanks to the Naija movies on TV 😉 or a Musician like P-Square (si they are famous mpaka they have sang with Rick Ross ) or our very own Camp Mulla_ #BET.


And so when you get the success cards from your rela’s telling you to succeed successfully and to pass with flying colors, all you which for is that KCSE you will manage a B steady of 65 marks so that you can become a Reg because your parents cannot afford to pay Para.

And therefore, when a letter from HELB comes, and you have been called to study BA Anthropology or Education, you march off to the institution of higher learning with two agendas;

To have a degree and to have some fun because finally, there is freedom from the parents.

In your naïve demeanor, you do not know that in most Kenyan Campuses, fun is congruent to lots of money, and sex and bottles of tusker and nightclubs. Before you know it, you are queen of the night, and having more sex than you would care to admit (sometimes you wonder what happened to you staying celibate till you say I do ). Then you meet all this graduates who were in your ‘campo” a couple of years back and yet they are still tarmacking with their degrees.

Or who are stuck in boring and very low paying jobs like sales and marketing or customer service in banks; as they await their lucky break.

So you conclude that only a fool doesn’t learn from the experience of others. And you begin to panga (plan) your future right away, however you can. Even if it means pausing naked on face book for a bunch of old men who do not even know how to log on to face book and who look up the word twitter in the oxford dictionary and find…chirping of birds.


Author: Gloria Mwaniga Minage

Phenomenal woman. that's me

11 thoughts on “Campus divas for rich men??? Have Kenyan University Girls lost it or are they just the local version of the Bold and the Beautiful?”

  1. I visited the site and…well….how do you explain it really? Women want a man who is driving, doesn’t matter what or who, loaded with money, and they give the wildest reasons. I agree with you but I wonder if there is something deeper than this-lets look at the men, for instance…..

    1. It’s more to do with the person…….my only worry is that there is AIDS….but then there are ARVs. See, the problem is modernity. Modernity fixes everything. You want war food? There is a microwave for that. No need to wash your cloths in a basin, there’s a washing machine. No need to do your papers, pay someone to do it for you, heck make Google your friend!

      My point is, modernity provides a quick fix for every problem. And our culture is slowly but surely being sucked into this…….same with our mannerisms.

  2. Oh, to be young and in campus(if they are really campus !)…in my old age I try to remember what it was like to be in my early twenties and the only thing I can come up with that is remotely similar to this is the deep admiration for people that seemed to have all the material things they needed.Have they taken it too far?It depends on who is looking at it. Campus Divas…this article has nuances of humour and wit(Kudos Gloria!) and real issues to reflect on…

  3. @Faith, glad to know that you enjoyed reading. What these kids need to know is that no matter how graphic Hollywood is, THERE needs to be room for Imagination….leave some things undone….Eish….@ Vic i believe great upbringing/ foundation cannot be easily changed by modernity, but who knows, this is the twenty FAST century….

  4. I like this article, I just wish we would all ignore the subject, we are making it a trend by talking about it. I hear bad publicity is as effective as good publicity. With IT I doubt we can stop the madness from happening, but we can keep it from going viral…#justsaying

  5. @LeAnne, thanks for your feedback….about what u said, lemme see….if a kid gets pregnant and the parent ignores it, does it make her not paged? i don’t think so….my point? not talking about something will not make it go away, it is not bad publicity. it is actually, a reality check..these kids do all sorts of stuff for money and we can’t just close our eyes and pretend that it is not happening. Only by opening conversations and getting to know why or how can we be able to find a solution…(if one is needed)…….

  6. times have changed and our values have eroded drastically. It’s sad that sex has become a normalcy and ”hook-ups” are the in thing, where college students meet up when their parents are not in town and have orgies.

  7. hahahahaha dumb and seriously worrying at the same time. moral of the story, a morally decaying society, parents who have lost control of their kids andyoung people wanting to make it “rich” quick…. haha rem we’re all accountable for our actions in the future. Jay.

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