Theatre Review: Kenyan Playboy

Directed by Sammy Mwangi and Victor Ber

Reviewed by: Faith Oneya

In typical Heartstrings Kenya fashion, Kenyan Playboy is a political satire. The jokes are served fresh and hot from the star-studded cast (from the movie Nairobi Half Life)

Expectedly, the stage is sparsely furnished, the décor simply chalk drawings of the current political situation, with the notable caricatures of William Ruto, Ferdinand Waititu among others staring at the audience from the black walls.

The two narrators are the phenomenal AKA(From Churchill Live )and the hilarious Vincent Muasya who set the scene for the Kenya Playboy in a way that only seasoned comedians like themselves can. It was however quite unnerving to see the two narrators playing with their phones or sending text messages in what appeared to be acts totally unrelated to the play. Next time, perhaps the narrators’ corner should be completely darkened d to allow them enough time to play with their gadgets.

Source: Heartstrings Facebook Page

Maina Olwenya (Oti from Nairobi Half Life), plays the fitting role of a Meru man (pulling through the role with the most hilarious Meru accent I have ever heard) as the play begins. Along with other men, they are standing outside what turns out to be Ngara hostels , waiting for their ‘sisters’ and ‘nieces’. The conversations then centers around each man trying to outwit the other on convincing each other they had come for their relatives and finally of their sex-capades.

The plot then reveals the home life of one of the characters, an emasculated man who would rather be anywhere but with his wife (proving this by bedding his housegirl.Or, if you like, pulling a Schwarzenegger)….and his ‘boys’ decide to find him a new wife. What follows is a hilarious vetting process where the panel goes through one wrong woman after the other….you have to watch it to see how this all these hysterically unfolds.

Source: Heartstrings Facebook Page

Once again, Heartstrings delivers on its ROTFLMAO promise. If there was a laughometer (A gauge to measure the intensity of laughter) then it would have burst right open given the screeching laughter that the man seated next to me was ‘accidentally’ removing.

Catch the final shows if you are looking to throw your head back and roll on the floor laughing at yourself and your country!

Warning: If you do not follow current affairs(and by current affairs I mean Classic FM’s irreverent breakfast show and our Kenyan MP’s Shenanigans ) or are versed with sheng or Kiswahili, then this play is not for you.

8final shows of the hilarious #Kenyan Playboy continues from 9th to Sunday 14th October.




Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

2 thoughts on “Theatre Review: Kenyan Playboy”

  1. I really enjoyed the play. I have not visited the theaters for a very long time due to the wanting level of acting sometimes staged. However, with the Kenyan Play boy…I have changed my mind. The narrators need to be serious, they make narration look mediocre as if it is not part of the whole act.

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