Written by Margaret Muthee

When am fine… grown out of this

And strong like pine – u will breath!  For I’ll keep my distance…


Yes I will – For even at this instance,

You feel like I suffocate you


When am grown out of this –

I’ll see through the windows of hope…

Beyond pain, beyond my past…beyond you


When am grown out of this-

Characters in my dreams will change

For you, your kind – will no longer be part of my cast.


When am grown out of this-

I’ll be stronger you see, for time,

Has a way of teaching us lessons invaluable


So when your tendons  find their way back around me,

Will know how to handle them…will raise my branches and lash out

Then maybe you will experience the pain I’ve been through

Will do this smiling….for then,

I’ll have grown out of this!