Theatre Review: Kenyan Pigs, Cats and Dogs

Staged by: Heartstrings Entertainment

Directed by: Sammy Mwangi

Reviewed by:  Faith Oneya

There is absolutely no doubt that the latest Heartstrings Play Kenyan Pigs, Cats and Dogs delivers fully on its promise of wrenching guts.

The play, through deliciously relevant Kenyan scenes manages to help the audience focus squarely on the society that is rather than the society that could be.

The promotional poster
The promotional poster

Nobody is beyond mockery in this play- President and Mama Mbogas become equal here. The underlying message seems to be that there I not much difference between us and animals.

The play directors cleverly use the metaphor of animals and intertwine them with the latest happenings in Kenya (Remember what happened to the Nyeri chicken?) making for a thoroughly entertaining watch.(

The narration is left in the able hands of Maina Olwenya( You may know him from his gangster role in Nairobi Half Life)whose sharp wit see him delivering punch line after punch line to a very appreciative audience. (Note to self: Must watch his standup comedy act because that must be coming very soon)

Heartstrings, this time round, seems to have invested in new talent (The pastor’s role, for example, is meticulously delivered by a new be-dreadlocked actor.), props and background music (which was a trifle bit annoyingly loud as the timing seemed to be poor e.g. as the actors were delivering their lines, the sound technician seemed to struggling to find the volume button.)

The show continues tomorrow, 4th August at Alliance Française. See the details below.
Comedy: “Kenyan Pigs, Cats and Dogs”
Directed by: the renowned comedy guru Sammy Mwangi
Dates: 30th – 4th Aug 2013
Venue: Alliance Française
Times: 6.30pm weekdays, 3 & 6.30pm weekends


Author: Faith Oneya

Lover of the written and spoken word.

4 thoughts on “Theatre Review: Kenyan Pigs, Cats and Dogs”

  1. the pastor is not new talent. he has been part of Vernacular plays though ‘new’ to Heartstrings. i thought the guy who came just before him with a heavy Kao accent is the new one!

    1. hi, thanks for your comment. What the line should have read was ‘new talent to Heartstrings’. In my years of watching Heartstrings plays, I have not watched him on stage. I don’t know about the Kao pastor, I will research on that.

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