Meet the Accomplished Author:Judy Light Ayyildiz

Written by Faith Oneya Judy (@jayyildiz ) is an educator, author, speaker,workshop leader all rolled up into a delightfully charming person. Literary Chronicles posed a few questions to the accomplished author. We hope the answers will delight and inspire as much as they did us. LC: What did they call you as a child?   JLA: My family always … Continue reading “Meet the Accomplished Author:Judy Light Ayyildiz”


Judy Ayyildiz:A Life Story

Roanoke author Judy Ayyildiz has written a novel based on the life of her Turkish mother-in-law, a progressive who lived through the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of the Turkish Republic. By Mike Allen Courtesy: Two years before Adalet Ayyildiz died, she called her daughter-in-law in Roanoke. As poet and novelist Judy Ayyildiz … Continue reading “Judy Ayyildiz:A Life Story”

Book Review: Forty Thorns

Author:Judy Light Ayyildiz Reviewed by: Marion James Originally posted: On Sunday’s Zaman It seems the issue of justice is on everyone’s lips at the moment. With a sentence finally passed in the case concerning Hrant Dink’s murderers, have his family and the nation truly received justice? Is justice served by a decision in a foreign parliament … Continue reading “Book Review: Forty Thorns”