Half the World Holdings Launches the Half the World Global Literati Award 2016

Untitled-2US$50,000 literary award for original work with a central woman protagonist

Global, April 8, 2016 – Half the World Holdings, an investment platform that supports businesses for whom women are the end-consumer, Friday announced the launch of the Half the World Global Literati Award. The annual US$50,000 cash prize will be awarded to a short story, novel or screenplay written in English, judged to have portrayed one or more well-rounded female protagonists as the central character. The award will be decided by a distinguished panel of academics, writers and media professionals who are each committed to advancing women’s voices within their field. The original, unpublished work must offer a fresh perspective on the challenges and joys of women’s lives. The prestigious award also provides opportunities for collaboration within the publishing, film and online media industries.

The esteemed panel of judges includes Anne Harrison, producer for the Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe nominated film The Danish Girl; Dr Lisa Tomlinson, scholar, cultural critic and professor of English literature at the University of West Indies; Margie Orford, internationally acclaimed writer, award-winning journalist, and President of PEN South Africa; Gina Otto, best-selling author of Cassandra’s Angel and founder of children’s social activation platform Change My World Now; Kenneth Goh, well-respected Editor-In-Chief of Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore; K.F. Breene, international best-seller of the Darkness and Warrior Chronicles series; Michael Marckx, lecturer, writer, environmental activist and former CEO of Spy; and Debra Langley, Executive Director of Half the World Holdings.

“According to 2015 research from author Nicola Griffith, the majority of the significant literary prizes are awarded to works written from a male perspective. The Half the World Global Literati Award is specifically designed to put the spotlight on real female characters and positively impact how women are represented in contemporary writing,” said Caroline Bowler, representative for Half the World Holdings. “This award is a natural fit for us, to support the voices and stories of women as well as play a leading role in developing an ecosystem created by, and for, half the world.”

Half the World Global Literati Award Guidelines

The work may be a short story, novel or screenplay, from any genre, written in the English language. All submissions meeting this criteria are welcome. The closing date for entries is June 8, 2016, with the shortlist announced June 22. The winner of the Half the World Global Literati Award will be declared July 15, 2016,. Please submit works for consideration via http://halftheworld.media

About Half the World Holdings 

Half the World Holdings, which was launched by Blackrun Ventures in March 2016, is a global investment platform in companies for whom women are the end-consumer. The Half the World platform provides the capital, advisory and international networks needed to develop and scale these ventures globally.Initial investments included EmbraceHer, a maternal health technology company, and Siren, a modern-day relationship platform.Blackrun and Half the World Holdings partners come from the worlds of private equity, investment banking, multinational businesses and entrepreneurship, with offices in Berlin, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, New York, Sydney and Singapore.

For more information, please visit http://halftheworld.media and http://Blackrun.co

For more information please contact:

Caroline Bowler



Author: Faith Oneya

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